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Muskoka's Playground Driving Tour: Lake Rosseau Circle Tour
Brief Description Start & End @ Port Carling
Approx. 70 km / 45 miles
About 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 hours depending on number of stops
Detailed Description 1) Take Muskoka Road 118 out of Port Carling east to Muskoka Road 25 (Brackenrig Road)
2) Left on Muskoka Road 25 to Muskoka Road 4
3) Left on Muskoka Road 4 to Muskoka Road 24 (Make sure to detour into Windermere first!)
4) Left on Muskoka Road 24 to Ullswater on Highway 141
5) Left on Highway 141 to Rosseau
6) In Rosseau, take Highway 632 through Minett and Prot Sandfield back to 118
7) Left on Muskoka Road 118 to Port Carling
Additional Information Tour Highlights:

-"The Wall", and incredible photo-mosaic of the Sagamo locking through at Port Carling in the 1920’s, made up of thousands of historic photos donated by local residents. In both the “big picture” and the little pictures, “The Wall” commemorates the first 100 years of Port Carling.
-The canal & bridge at historic Port Sandfield
-The side-trip into charming Windermere
Tour Map
An overview map of this driving tour.

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